JupyterHub Server with Keycloak User Management

The JupyterHub Server, integrated with Keycloak User Management, offers a secure and powerful environment for your data science and analytics endeavors.

Accessing JupyterHub

  • Getting Started: Once your EC2 instance is up and running, access the JupyterHub Server through your web browser using the provided public IP address.

  • User Credentials: Use the default username jhub-admin and the initial password, which is the EC2 instance ID in the format i-0c7fadc4dc193eca7.

  • First Login: During your initial login, you'll be prompted to change the default password for added security.

Keycloak user management

  • Getting Started: You can access the admin console through your web browser using http://public_ip_address/auth/.

  • Credentials: Log in with the username keycloak-admin and the EC2 instance ID.