Steps to connect to the Linux SFTP Server

Install FileZilla

FileZilla can be downloaded here

Connect to the SFTP Server

  • Host: sftp://public_address (like sftp://
  • Username: elm
  • Password: the last 12 digits of the vmId. The vmId can be found in the JSON View with the form of 1f61b751-037a-489e-8638-3fc32fe6894d. Only the last 12 digits 3fc32fe6894d are used as the password.
  • Port: 2222

main page

Selecting "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache" will avoid showing this message.

main page

Once the server is connected, the directory share is used to exchange files.

main page

Location of shared folder

On the server, the shared folder is /data/elm/share.

Getting password

Azure VM console

The json view can be reached from the VM console.



The password is the last 12 digits of the vmId.