Set up JupyterHub Server on EC2

Default user: jhub-admin

Please sign up and set your password for jhub-admin when you start the server for the first time. Different from regular users, jhub-admin is automatically authorized to log in after the password is created.

http is supported out of box.

If https is desired, please send your request to

Startup page

After the EC2 instance is started, you can access the JupyterHub Server with its public IP address. For example, if the IP address is, typing in the browser will bring you to the following startup page:

main page

Sign-up page

When the JupyterHub Server is activated, a default user "jhub-admin" is created. The first time you access the server, a password need to be set for "jhub-admin".

main page


main page

Authorize page

When creating new users, an authorization step is needed at ""

main page

Change password

The password can be changed at ""

main page